ARTEPLAST company under the name "CHARALAMPOS KEFALIDIS BROS", was founded in June 1983, in the industrial area of Florina.
Today, has a tradition of twenty, or more, years in the production of plastic materials, using the ingection method.

The biggest production part of ARTEPLAST, focuses on manufacturing products, known as «cable ties» in various dimensions and sizes.

The reliability of ARTEPLAST products, is being certified by plethora of written statements and certificates, about design and quality.

The biggest piece of ARTEPLAST structure, is operating since the year of company establishment, and is spread over an area of ​​7,000 sq.m. approximately.
Within the premises, there is a building that rises 1,240 m., where the business is established.


Char Kefalidis Bros
Industrial Area of Florina P.C 53100
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+30 2385 041 300
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