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Cable Ties black- UV stabilized to UV radiation

ArtePlast company under the name “AFOI CHAR. KEFALIDI OE.”, was founded in June 1983, in the industrial area of Florina. Today, has a tradition of twenty, or more, years in the production of plastic materials, using the ingection method. The biggest production part of ArtePlast, focuses on manufacturing products, known as «Cable Ties» (UV Stabilizer, UV Resistance) in various dimensions and sizes. The reliability of ArtePlast products, is being certified by plethora of written statements and certificates, about design and quality. The biggest piece of ArtePlast structure, is operating since the year of company establishment, and is spread over an area of ​​7,000 sq.m. approximately. Within the premises, there is a building that rises 1,240 m., where the business is established.

Green energy

Our company has strengthened its green profile by installing a 44.5 kWp solar power plant from January 2022, putting into practice its strategy for sustainable development by managing aspects for energy saving according to ISO-50001 where 70% of the energy consumed in our factory comes exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). This move comes to reinforce the environmental awareness of our company by minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment resulting from the production of our products by further reducing our energy footprint.


EN  ISO 9001-2015

Professional applications

Cable ties have a great credit to technical professionals, and not only, thanks for the convenience offered by the speed of use, and the durability they offer. So, cable ties are widely used by electricians, plumbers, thermohydraulics, electronics, farmers, and various types of workshops to support a huge range of applications.

Artistic applications

In recent years, cable ties have penetrated in artistic space. Most widely used by directors in theater and film shootings, in support of the scenery and lighting. A new trend in recent years is the use of cable ties in decorative applications, both indoors and outdoors. Ιndicative, they are used by decorators in cafes, storefronts, city squares and from restless-leading artists in various places and cities and also at art exhibitions. Finally, there are handmade ladies jewelry, made of cable ties.

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